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Syscalls pages archive (110K->1M), updated (2.3.0, ver. 1.66) man 2 pages (170K->1,2M)


exit int status           1
  terminate current process
  arg eax 1
    ebx exit code
  return eax -/-
  errors eax -/-
  source   kernel/exit.c


fork  struct pt_regs         2
  create a child process resource;
resource utilizations:=0, file locks & pending signals not inherited.
simplified "clone" w/ flags set to SIGCHLD and caller's ESP
  arg eax2 
    ebx...all register values passed to duplicate job 
  return eax clone : zero
caller: pid_t pid (dword) or, -ve error code
  ref linux/sched.h, asm/ptrace.h.
  source arch/i386/kernel/process.c, kernel/fork.c


read int fd, void *buf, size_t count       3  
  read up to count bytes from file fd into buffer *buf
  arg eax 3
    ebx file descriptor
    ecx ptr to input buffer
    edx buffer size, max. count of bytes to receive
  return eax  no. of bytes received, file pointer advanced accordingly
    note that "buffer overflow" is not immanent to the system call but,
was introduced by ignorant "programming" rsp (lib)"C" useage/design...
  source   fs/read_write.c


write int fd, void *buf, size_t count,       4  
  write (up to) count bytes of data from *buf to file fd
  arg eax 4
    ebx file descriptor
    ecx ptr to output buffer
    edx count of bytes to send
  return eax no. of sent bytes (if POSIX conforming f.s.)
  source fs/read_write.c


open  const char *pathname,  int flags,  mode_t mode       5  
  open a file or device, create/truncate if corresponding mode flag(s) set
  arg eax 5
    ebx ptr to asciz abs or rel pathname
  ecx file access bits
  edx file permissions, mode
  return eax int fd (16bit filedescriptor)
  ref linux/types.h, linux/posix_types.h, linux/stat.h -re- struct stat,
asm/fcntl.h, asm/types.h, asm/posix_types.h,
fcntl.h, sys/stat.h. sys/types.h
  source fs/open.c
  file access bits  
  O_ACCMODE 0003
O_CREAT 0100
O_EXCL 0200
O_TRUNC 01000
O_APPEND 02000
O_SYNC 010000 specific to ext2 fs and block devices
FASYNC 020000 fcntl, for BSD compatibility
O_DIRECT 040000 direct disk access hint - currently ignored
O_DIRECTORY 0200000 must be a directory
O_NOFOLLOW 0400000 don't follow links
  file permissions flags  
  S_ISUID 04000 set user ID on execution
S_ISGID 02000 set group ID on execution
S_ISVTX 01000 sticky bit
S_IRUSR 00400 read by owner (S_IREAD)
S_IWUSR 00200 write by owner (S_IWRITE)
S_IXUSR 00100 execute/search by owner (S_IEXEC)
S_IRGRP 00040 read by group
S_IWGRP 00020 write by group
S_IXGRP 00010 execute/search by group
S_IROTH 00004 read by others (R_OK)
S_IWOTH 00002 write by others (W_OK)
S_IXOTH 00001 execute/search by others (X_OK)


close int fd           6  
  close a file by fd reference
  arg eax 6
    ebx file descriptor
  return eax -/-
  errors eax EBADF (-1)
  source fs/open.c


  waitpid  pid_t pid,  int *status,  int options       7  
  wait for a specified child process termination; simplified call to wait4
  arg eax 7
    ebx 2nd-ary process id or specification
    ecx NULL or, ptr to buf for exitted 2nd-ary job status
    edx option flags, zero or WNOHANG, WUNTRACED
  return eax pid_t, pid of 2ndary job which exitted
    ecx if buffer supplied, exit state of 2nd-ary job
  ref libc: sys/wait.h, wait.c &c, [types]
  source kernel/exit.c


  creat const char *pathname mode_t mode       8  
  create a file
  arg eax 8
    ebx ptr to asciz abs or rel pathname
  ecx file permissions, mode
  return eax int fd filedescriptor
  errors eax access, exist, fault, isdir, loop, mfile, nametoolong
nfile, noent, nodev, nodir, nomem, nospc, nxio
rofs, txtbsy
  ref [types], sys/stat.h, fcntl.h
  source fs/open.c
  note  sys_creat is identical to sys_open w. O_CREAT|O_WRONLY|O_TRUNC flags.


link const char *oldpath const char *newpath         9  
  create hard link to an existing file
  arg eax 9
    ebx ptr to asciz abs or rel name of existing file
    ecx ptr to asciz abs or rel name of new file-name
  return eax -/-
  errors eax acces, io, perm, exist, fault, loop mlink,
nametoolong, noent, nomem, nospc, notdir,
perm, rofs, xdev
  ref -/-
  source fs/namei.c


unlink const char *pathname           10  
  delete a name and remove file when not busy
  arg eax 10
    ebx ptr to asciz abs or rel file-name
  return eax -/-
  errors eax acces, fault, io, isdir, loop, nametoolong,
noent, nomem, notdir, perm, rofs
  ref -/-
  source fs/namei.c


execve   const char *filename, char const argv[], char const envp[]     11  
  execute a program 
  arg eax:11 
  ebx:ptr to <nul> terminated string of program path&name  
  ecx:ptr to zero terminated list of ptrs to <nul> terminated program argument stgs  
  edx:ptr to zero terminated list of ptrs to <nul> terminated environment strings 
  return   no return, executed prog inherits resources and overwrites caller
  errors eax: 2big, acces, inval, io, isdir, libbad loop, nfile, noexec, noent,
nomem, notdir, fault, nametoolong, perm, txtbusy
  ref arch/i386/kernel/process.c
  note   waiting caller of a "fork"ed or "clone"d job
being released immediately after entry to execve.


chdir const char *path           12  
  change working directory
  arg eax 12
    ebx ptr to asciz abs or rel file-name
  return eax -/-
  errors eax acces, badf, fault, io, loop, nametoolong, noent, nomem, notdir
  ref -/-
  source fs/open.c


  time time_t *t           13  
  get time in seconds since 1-jan-1970
  arg eax 13
    ebx NULL or, ptr to buffer which receives a copy of the return value
  return eax ((time_t)-1) seconds
  errors eax fault
  ref linux/time.h
  source kernel/time.c


mknod const char *pathname mode_t mode dev_t dev       14  
  create a filesystem node (file, device, special file, named pipe)
  return -/-
  errors acces, exist, fault, inval, loop, nametoolong,
noent, nomem, nospc, notdir, perm, rofs
  ref sys/stat.h (mode flags), fcntl.h, [types]
  source fs/namei.c; include/linux/major.h, Documentation/devices.txt


chmod const char *path mode_t mode         15  
  change file permissions (attributes)
  return -/-
  errors acces, badf, fault, io, loop, nametoolong,
noent, nomem, notdir, perm, rofs
  ref [types], sys/stat.h, asm/stat.h
  source fs/open.c
  -re- access mode flags  


  lchown const char *path uid_t owner gid_t group       16  
  change owner of a file, don't follow symbolic links
  return -/-
  errors (many...)
  source fs/open.c


  break             17  


  oldstat             18  


lseek int fd off_t offset int whence       19  
  change file pointer of file ref-d by fd
  arg eax 19
    ebx file descriptor
  ecx disp to the rsp. file position -re - "whence"
  edx "whence" flag, either one of
SEEK_SET 0   add disp to beginning of file,
SEEK_CUR 1   add disp to current position,
SEEK_END 2   add disp to end of file.
  return eax off_t ptr posn. re beginning of file
  errors eax badf, inval, ispipe
  ref unistd.h, linux/unistd.h, [types]
  source fs/read_write.c


  getpid void           20  
  get pid of current process
  return pid_t pid
  errors -/-
  source kernel/sched.c


mount  c ch *specialfile c ch *dir c ch *fstype ul rwflag c v *data   21  
  mount a filesystem
  arg eax 21
    ebx ptr to asciz name of device/specialfile
    ecx ptr to asciz name of mount-point
    edx ptr to asciz name of file system type
  flags esi
MS_MGC_MSK 0xC0ED in m.s. 16-bit; 'magic', required till 2.4.0-t9
MS_RDONLY 1 Mount read-only
MS_NOSUID 2 Ignore suid and sgid bits
MS_NODEV 4 Disallow access to device special files
MS_NOEXEC 8 Disallow program execution
MS_SYNCHRONOUS16 Writes are synced at once
MS_REMOUNT 32 Alter flags of a mounted FS
MS_MANDLOCK 64 Allow mandatory locks on an FS
MS_NOATIME 1024 Do not update access times
MS_NODIRATIME 2048 Do not update directory access times
MS_BIND 4096  
MS_REC 16384  
MS_VERBOSE 32768  
MS_ACTIVE (1<<30) 
MS_NOUSER (1<<31) 
    edi ptr to device independent, additional data (max. page-size)
  return eax -/-
  errors eax any which can occur in the particular f.s. or, in the kernel
    K4+ multiple identical mounts apparently not considered an error, any more, which,
could result to quite dangerous situations, e.g. after single user emergency
startup, where the entire file system might become mounted on the root device!
  ref sys/mount.h linux/mount.h linux/fs.h
  source fs/super.c, fs/namespace.c (2.4)


  umount K4:oldumount const char *specialfile | *dir           22  
  unmount a filesystem
  return -/-
  errors any which can occur in the particular f.s. or, in the kernel
  ref sys/mount.h, /proc/filesystems, umount2
  source fs/super.c, fs/namespace.c (2.4)
  NOTE inconsistently def'd wrt prior sources in kernel 2.4.18!
according to 2.4.18 explanation 'oldumount' executes (new) 'mount *device,0'
[hp] 2.4.18 variant found to not operating on (linked) device files, any more.


setuid uid_t uid           23  
  set real user id
  return -/-
  errors eperm
  source kernel/sys.c


getuid void           24  
  get real user id
  return uid_t uid
  errors -/-
  ref unistd.h, linux/unistd.h, [types]
  source kernel/sched.c


  stime time_t *t           25  
  set secinds since 1-jan-1970
  return -/-
  errors eperm
  ref time.h
  source kernel/time.c


  ptrace long request, pid_t pid, long addr, long data     26  
  trace a child process
  arg eax26 
    ebxrequested action 
    ecxprocess id of the target job "child"
    edxaddress in target job "address"
    esiaddress in tracing job "data"
  return eax as specified by the request
  errors io, fault, perm, srch
  ref linux/ptrace.h. asm/ptrace.h, linux/sched.h. asm/user.h,
  source arch/i386/kernel/ptrace.c
 requests PTRACE_..   ret
  1.    PEEKTEXT pid,addr,*data  read word at location addr.
  2.    PEEKDATA pid,addr,*data  read the word at location addr in the USER area.
  3.    PEEKUSR pid,addr,*data   "
  4.    POKETEXT pid,addr,*data  write the word at location addr.
  5.    POKEDATA pid,addr,*data   "
  6.    POKEUSR pid,addr,*data  write the word at location addr in the USER area
  7.    TRACEME -/-  set the ptrace bit in the process flags.
  8.    CONT pid,,signo  restart after signal.
  9.    KILL pid  make the child exit, send it a sigkill.
  10.    SINGLESTEP pid sigtrap set the trap flag.
  11. n.n.
  12. n.n.
  13.    GETREGS pid,,*data  get all gp regs from the child. re register.
  14.    SETREGS pid,,*data  set all gp regs in the child.
  15.    GETFPREGS pid,,*data  get the child FPU state.
  16.    SETFPREGS pid,,*data  set the child FPU state.
  17.    ATTACH pid  attach to already running process
  18.    DETACH pid  detach a process that was attached.
  19. K4 GETFPXREGS pid,,*data  get the child extended FPU state.
  20. K4 SETFPXREGS pid,,*data  set the child extended FPU state.
  21. n.n.
  22. K4 SETOPTIONS pid,,data  -no comment- (option 'PTRACE_O_TRACESYSGOOD' or none)
  23. n.n.
  24. n.n.
  25.    SYSCALL pid,,signo  continue and stop at next (return from) syscall
  1. EBX
  2. ECX
  3. EDX
  4. ESI
  5. EDI
  6. EBP
  7. EAX
  8. DS
  9. ES
  10. FS
  11. GS
  12. ORIG_EAX
  13. EIP
  14. CS
  15. EFL
  16. UESP
  17. SS


alarm u int seconds           27  
  send SIGALARM at a specified time
  return 0 or unsigned int seconds until prev. alarms are due to execute
  errors -/-
  source kernel/sched.c
sys_alarm is a simplified call to sys_setitimer.


  oldfstat             28  


  pause void           29  
  sleep until signal
  return EINTR if signal caught
  errors restartnohand
  source kernel/sched.c


utime char *filename struct utimbuf *buf         30  
  change access and/or modification time of an inode
  return -/-
  errors acces, noent
  ref sys/time.h, utime.h, [types]
  source fs/open.c


  stty             31  


  gtty             32  


access const char *pathname int mode          33  
  check user's permissions for a file
  arg eax33
    ebxptr to asciz string w. path name
    ecxmode flags, R_OK, W_OK, X_OK, F_OK = 0, re 'open'
  return eax-/-
  errors eax all f.s. and file access related errors can occur
  source fs/open.c, libc/gcc "unistd.h"


  nice int inc           34  
  change process priority
  return -/-
  errors perm
  source kernel/sched.c


  ftime             35  


sync void           36  
  commit buffer cache to disk
  return always 0
  errors -/-
  source fs/buffer.c


kill pid_t pid int sig         37  
  send a signal to a process
  return -/-
  errors inval, perm, srch
  ref kernel/sys.c
  source kernel/signal.c, [more]

		pid 		signal sent to
		-------- | -------------------------------------------
		>  0       process {pid}
		   0       every process in caller's process group
		  -1       all processes but the very first
		< -1       every process in group |{gid}| ("killpg", re getgid)

		no action if sig = 0, but error checking occurs, i.e.
		this can be used to check whether a process exists.


rename c ch *oldpath c ch *newpath         38  
  move/rename a file
  return -/-
  errors  busy, exist, isdir, notempty, xdev (and other f.s. errors)
  ref stdio.h
  source fs/namei.c


mkdir const char *path mode_t mode         39  
  create a directory
  return -/-
  errors (f.s. & perm's related errors)
  ref sys/stat.h, fcntl.h, unistd.h, linux/unistd.h, [types]
  source fs/namei.c


rmdir const char *pathname           40  
  delete an empty directory
  return -/-
  errors access, busy, fault, loop, nametoolong,
noent, nomem, notdir, notempty, perm, rofs
  source fs/namei.c


dup int oldfd           41  
  create a file descriptor duplicate
  return int new fd, the lowest until then un-used number
  errors badf, mfile (,inval)
  source fs/fcntl.c
  note dup as well as dup2 assign new fd-s but don't duplicate the channel's description,
any modification, e.g by an ioctl, would affect all instances of a resp. fd!


pipe int fd[2]           42  
  create a pipe
  arg eax 42 
    ebx ptr to writable array of two dwords 
  return [ebx] fd(0) at [ebx] for input from, fd(1) at [ebx+4] output to pipe
  errors eax fault, mfile, nfile
  source   arch/i386/kernel/sys_i386.c
  note:   re mknod for named pipes.


  times struct tms *buf           43  
  get process times
  return -/-
  errors -/-
  ref sys/times.h
  source kernel/sys.c


  prof             44  


brk void *end_data_segment           45  
  change data section size, top of .bss
  arg eax 45 
    ebx (virtual) address of new .bss top in range of data-space bottom
and, below any linked library or 16K below .ss bottom, rsp, within
the limits of the owner process' data size - re getrlimit.
    ebx := 0 can be used to finding the currently valid top address of .bbs.
  return eax currently, after call valid top address
  errors eax nomem
  source   mm/mmap.c


setgid gid_t gid           46  
  set real group id of current process
  return -/-
  errors perm
  source kernel/sys.c


getgid void           47  
  get real group id of current process
  return gid_t gid
  errors -/-
  ref unistd.h, linux/unistd.h, [types]
  source kernel/sched.c


signal *signal(int signum, void (*handler)(int))           48  
  setup a signal handler
  return void previous value of signal hnd
  errors sig_err
  source kernel/signal.c


  geteuid void           49  
  get effective user id of current process
  return uid_t uid
  errors  -/-
  ref unistd.h, linux/unistd.h, [types]
  source kernel/sched.c


  getegid void           50  
  get effective group id of current process
  return gid_t gid
  errors -/-
  ref unistd.h, linux/unistd.h, [types]
  source kernel/sched.c


  acct int acct(const char *filename)           51  
  switch process accounting on/off
  return 0 or -ve ernum
  errors nosys, nomem, perm, access, io, users
  source kernel/sys.c


  umount2 K4:umount const char *specialfile | *dir int flag         52  
  arg *specialfile ptr to asciz mountpoint(?) or device/specialfile name
flag 1 to forcedly un-mount, else 0.
  return zero after success, else ernum
  errors any f.s. error
  source fs/namespace.c
  ref oldumount (2.4, formerly named "umount")
  <manpages-1.50> include ref to "umount2" by 'man 2 umount'
NOTE: renamed to "umount" w. kernel 2.4.18(+?); from the source file:
"Now umount can handle mount points as well as block devices. This is important for filesystems which use unnamed block devices. We now support a flag for forced unmount like the other 'big iron' unixes. Our API is identical to OSF/1 to avoid making a mess of AMD.


  lock             53  


ioctl int fd int request char *argp       54  
  manipulate a character device
  arg eax 54 
    ebx file descriptor 
    ecx command code 
    edx  ptr to writable data area or other arg structure
  return eax zero on success
  errors eax badf, fault, inval, notty
  ref    asm/ioctl.h - ioctl page.
  source   fs/ioctl.c
for instance, console ioctls provide many nice features - most
of which aren't overly helpful because, all(!) consoles would
globally be affected!


  fcntl int fd int cmd [ struct flock *lock ]       55  
  file/-descriptor control
  arg eax 55 
    ebx file descriptor 
    ecx command code 
    edx file locks: ptr to writable struct flock
  return eax according to the rsp command
  errors eax acces, again, badf, deadlk, fault, intr, inval, mfilem nolock, perm
  ref   fcntl page.
  source   fs/fcntl.c, unistd.h, linux/unistd.h, fcntl.h.


  mpx             56  


setpgid pid_t pid pid_t pgid         57  
  set process group id
  return -/-
  errors inval, perm, srch
  source kernel/sys.c


  ulimit int cmd (...)         58 libc
  get/set resource limits - not a system call
  ref syscalls setrlimit, getrlimit
  ref (glibc2) man (3) ulimit, sysdeps/generic/ulimit.c, sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ulimit.c
  NOTE: not a kernel syscall


  oldolduname             59  
  (syscall removed)
  source utsname.h, struc oldoldutsname


  umask mode_t mask           60  
  set file creation mask
  arg eax 60
    ebx file creation permissions, masked w. S_IRWXUGO by kernel code
  return eax mode_t previously valid mask
  errors -/-
  ref sys/stat.h, [types]
  source kernel/sys.c


chroot const char *path           61  
  change root directory (tree)
  return -/-
  errors any, dependent on f.s. type
  source fs/open.c


  ustat             62  
  n.i. - libc call


dup2 int oldfd int newfd         63  
  duplicate file descriptor oldfd, on success replace newfd w/ duplicated.
  arg eax 63
    ebx file descriptor to duplicate
    ecx file descriptor which the duplicate should be assigned to
  return eax duplicate fd
  errors eax badf, mfile
  source fs/fcntl.c
  note dup2 as well as dup assign new fd-s but don't duplicate the channel's description,
any modification, e.g by an ioctl, would affect all instances of a resp. fd!
'newfd' will be closed prior to re-assignation, if applicable.


getppid void           64  
  get parent process id
  arg eax 64
  return eax pid_t pid
  errors -/-
  source kernel/sched.c



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