Richard Zidlicky

The real documentation containing build and installation instructions is in the docs subdirectory, refer to this if you have any problems.

Yow will need gnu make, X and gcc to build anything, MAKE=gnu-make is assumed here. Type

make docs

to build the documentation in dvi and html format - depending on whatever formatting software is installed locally. Texi2html is recommended to build the docs, you may get it from


although it should be bundled with most distributions.

View the documentation either with

xdvi docs/uqlx
or the html docs
$BROWSER docs/uqlx_toc.html

If you do not have the necessary software to build the documentation files or downloaded the package without documentation, very old version of the HTML documentation can be found at : http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Bay/2602/uqlx_main.html

Short instructions for building it:

on Linux:

make install
make config
make install

Get Jonathan Hudson's GUI from http://www.bigfoot.com/~jrhudson if you like GUI's

Windows and Mac versions are neither compiled nor tested by me. I would be happy to hear reports from exotic architectures.


See file COPYRIGHT. If you didn't receive it, email


Do not use any part of UQLX for whichever purpose without reading and acknowledging the COPYRIGHT.


gcc-4.0.2 has been tested and works well.

gcc-3.[123] on all architectures with enabled global registers optimisation (anything except x86) has known problems with global register variables, see PR 7871. UQLX uses a workaround, the appended patch fixes gcc.

On ShoeString Linux use gcc2723 or gcc303 to compile.

config script attempts to guess affected compilers and disables the optimisation by default (-DBROKEN_GREGS), this will result in slightly slower code. gcc-3.4 and later do not suffer from this bug.

--- gcc-3.2-cvs/gcc/flow.c.rz	Thu Apr 18 16:21:09 2002
+++ gcc-3.2-cvs/gcc/flow.c	Wed Aug 21 22:49:01 2002
@@ -1770,8 +1770,11 @@
 	     so they are made live.  */
 	  for (i = 0; i < FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER; i++)
 	    if (global_regs[i])
-	      mark_used_reg (pbi, gen_rtx_REG (reg_raw_mode[i], i),
-			     cond, insn);
+	      {
+		SET_REGNO_REG_SET (pbi->reg_live, i);
+		mark_used_reg (pbi, gen_rtx_REG (reg_raw_mode[i], i),
+			       cond, insn);
+	      }

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